Russia, Russia, Russia 3.0

(No love loss here, but watch how many groups critical of government supremacists and their policies are gonna get smeared with this label/lie. Better keep an eye on those website donation buttons… – DD)

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Black Nationalist Groups Implicated in Russian Influence Scheme

(PJ Media) Two black nationalist groups — one in Atlanta and another in Tampa — have been implicated in an influence-peddling scheme by a Russian national based in Moscow.
Aleksandr Viktorovich Ionov, a Russian national with Kremlin connections, was funding extremist groups in the United States, directing them to “publish pro-Russian propaganda, as well as other information designed to cause dissension in the United States and to promote secessionist ideologies,” according to the indictment.
The two black nationalist groups — the Black Hammer Party based in Atlanta and the Uhuru Movement out of Tampa Bay — were fed a steady stream of pro-Moscow propaganda about the war in Ukraine. Ionov also paid for members to travel to San Francisco and Russia.
A third separatist group from California was also influenced by Ionov, according to the Indictment…Read the rest