Say Her Name: Linda Frickey, RIP

Linda Frickey, RIP: 73-Yr-Old Grandmother ‘Carjacked, Beat And Lynched’ by Four ‘Teens’ in New Orleans

All four teens had prior arrests and one was charged in relation to another carjacking but had charges dropped last year by Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams
Chris Menahan

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(Information Liberation) Grandmother Linda Frickey, 73, was allegedly carjacked, beat and lynched in broad daylight by a group of four "teens" on Monday in New Orleans.

This was 73 yr old Linda Frickey. She was a mother, grandmother, aunt & friend, who was the victim of a carjacking & dragged to her death yesterday. This is what New Orleans has become now. City officials should ashamed & be held accountable for their negligence. Do better NOLA!!
— Tina (@TheNolaGirl) March 22, 2022

The four "teens" were filmed stalking Frickey in her car before allegedly carjacking her and dragging her through the streets to her death….
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