Sole BLM-backed federal candidate charged with wire fraud scheme involving campaign and party funds

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Karen Carter Peterson, a former Louisiana state senator and congressional candidate, is charged with diverting the funds for personal use

(FOX) The only federal Democratic candidate backed by the Black Lives Matter PAC this election cycle is now facing a wire fraud charge for routing campaign and party funds to outside individuals and companies, and using the money on personal expenses, including gambling.
The Black Lives Matter PAC, a BLM Global Network Foundation-affiliated committee, in July 2021 pushed more than $100,000 into independent expenditures backing Karen Carter Peterson’s failed attempt at entering Congress in Louisiana’s 2nd district, federal records reviewed by Fox News Digital show.
Peterson, a former Louisiana Democratic Party chair and state senator, resigned from the state senate in April, citing her mental health and gambling addiction.
However, Peterson was charged this month in federal court with one count of wire fraud for using campaign and party monies on personal expenses. ..Read the rest