Surprise! Cops Quit in Record Numbers

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Police exodus ‘crisis’: Officers are ditching the job at a rate ‘never seen before’
‘We have a crisis right now in manpower,’ a top police official said

(FOX) WASHINGTON, D.C. – Law enforcement officers are leaving their jobs "at a rate we’ve never seen before," with some departments seeing decreases by as many as hundreds of members compared to the same time last year, a handful of the nation’s top police officials said.
National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) President Patrick Yoes sounded the alarm during the third annual Faith & Blue conference in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, when he told about 100 law enforcement officials, community leaders and reporters: "I want to signal a crisis."
"We see law enforcement officers leave our profession at a rate we’ve never seen before," Yoes told the crowd. "Our profession is dependent on the best and brightest stepping up and taking this job. And because of the actions, and because of the turmoil that has happened in the last two years, we have a crisis right now in manpower." (Ya’ Think??? – DD)Read the rest