Tackling FBI Corruption

Harold Hutchinson, Patriot Post:
Are we attacking the symptoms and not the disease?
Some recent controversies over the FBI, including, but not limited to Spygate, the Steele dossier, and the bureau’s inability to stop jihadist attacks, have led some to suggest abolishing or reforming the agency. While there is no denying that there are real problems at the FBI, we ask you to take a trip down memory lane first.
In 1996, hundreds of FBI files “found” their way to the Clinton White House, and FBI brass were reportedly worried that they had become “political dupes.” That was then. These days, abuses far greater than that, whether it was the IRS targeting the Tea Party and the aforementioned Spygate, among others, end up being essentially whitewashed by the purported watchdogs. In fact, the watchdogs even cheer said abuses.
So, something has clearly changed over the last quarter-century, and not for the better…
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