The Big Rig: A Georgia Conviction

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Georgia Man Convicted of Voter Fraud, Slapped with Brutal Punishment for His Crime

(Western Journal) A Walker County, Georgia, man was handed a very hefty sentence for submitting another resident’s absentee ballot that had erroneously wound up in his post office box.
Following his conviction for voter fraud, William Chase, 62, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for forging a ballot in Georgia’s January 2021 runoff election, according to WTVC.
District Attorney Chris Arnt told WTVC that a couple who had requested absentee ballots grew concerned when they received just one ballot and contacted the Walker County Elections Office. Records showed the missing ballot had “already been accepted, but not yet counted.”
Arnt said an investigation conducted by the Secretary of State Office determined the woman’s ballot had been sent to Chase by mistake and that he had already sent in his own ballot. Chase was arrested after his fingerprints matched…Read the rest