The Big Rig: Access, Intimidation Issues Mar GA Senate Runoff

(Not to mention armed Black Panther members stalking around outside polling places. That’s not intimidating, is it? The left is never held accountable to the law – DD)
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Transparency, Tracking Issues Mar GA Senate Runoff in Fulton County as Observers Cite Limited Access

(NOQ Report) Some election issues remain in Fulton County, Ga., as observers reported having difficulty seeing ballot duplication, and political party observers are still not able to access every facility where ballots are received.
The Amistad Project and the American Voters’ Alliance have received reports from observers that indicate there are still issues in Fulton County’s elections.
According to a report, overseas ballots aren’t being properly tracked and verified as legitimate, which Phill Kline, director of the Amistad Project, said was “concerning.” The report also said absentee ballots weren’t being properly tracked, according to Kline.
An observer at the Fulton County Absentee Processing Center r eported being unable to watch the ballot duplication…Read the rest