The Big Rig: Census Undercounts Red States, Overcounts Blue

(Does it surprise anyone that they would undercount Southern States? The swamp is rotten to the core and just using their covid excuse of the moment – DD)
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Why did Census undercount some red states, overcount blue? One lawmaker demands answers
Rep. Troy Nehls says the errors cost Texas a congressional seat, vows an investigation, calling the miscount "deeply concerning for the legitimacy of our Democracy."

(Just the News) he U.S. Census Bureau admits it undercounted populations in five Republican-led states while overcounting people in six Democrat-leaning states, a disparity one congressman says cost Texas a congressional seat to which it was entitled.
Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas) told Just the News he is demanding answers from the population-counting agency because the disparities uncovered by the 2020 post-enumeration survey show errors in counting large enough to impact the tools of U.S. representative democracy, such as electoral votes and congressional apportionment.
"The numbers don’t lie," Nehls said. "Texas was undercounted by 2%, which means we were cheated out of an additional seat in Congress. And four other Republican states were as well. As a result, these red states have less representation in Congress, fewer votes in the Electoral College, and therefore receive less federal funding.
The Census Bureau earlier this year said a post-count analysis foud the 2020 census undercounted populations in five red states — Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennesee and Texas…Read the rest