The Big Rig: Don’t Trust DC

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Don’t Trust DC on Election Integrity
Swamp creatures have raised millions of dollars to fight election fraud, and done nothing useful with the money.

(American Conservative) As inflation continues to soar and the economy continues to fall, Beltway elitists continue to dismiss what was one of the most obvious examples of voter fraud in the history of the United States: the 2020 Presidential Election.
Voter fraud has been with us for millennia, but the 2020 election was especially alarming. In 2020, a number of swing states changed the election rules and procedures, which compromised the security protections of the process. Several states sent out millions of ballots in the mail, causing confusion and obfuscating the tracking and authentication of those ballots. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg famously infused hundreds of millions of dollars deemed “Zuckerbucks” into local elections. This created unreliable and troubling outcomes in the election and caused distortions of the rules in swing-state big cities such as Phoenix, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee.
President Donald Trump rightly focused on the problem of election integrity long before the 2020 election; it was a subject that had motivated him for years. In May 2017,…Read the rest