The Big Rig: Even FakeBook’s AI thinks it was rigged!

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“I Do Believe That It Was Rigged.. I think He Did Win” – Facebook AI Computerized Chatbot Comments on 2020 Election

(WLT News) Meta, formerly known as Facebook, introduced a new artificial intelligence chatbot.
“On Aug. 5, the social media giant launched BlenderBot 3, a bot that utilizes a highly sophisticated large language learning model that searches the internet in order to hold conversations with users,” Yahoo News reported.
“That means it’s been trained to search for patterns in large text datasets in order to spit out somewhat coherent sentences.”
BlenderBot 3 is programmed to learn and improve through conversation with real-world humans, and it is capable of having conversations on a wide range of topics.
The chatbot had some interesting things to say about the 2020 US presidential election.
It asserted that Donald Trump won the 2020 election…Read the Rest