The Big Rig: Fighting Back

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Key Swing State Cracks Down On Vote-Buying Fraud – Arizona Offers Cash Reward of $50K For Arrests, Convictions

(Patriot Journal) The election integrity issue is heating up again as we roll toward the midterm elections in November.
Republicans and millions of voters remain concerned that our system isn’t 100% reliable, and we’ve heard multiple reports of individuals tampering with voting systems. These stories add more fuel to the fire.
Now, one state is upping the ante — and this includes offering a “bounty” of up to $50,000.
Arizona was one of those states that came under heavy scrutiny during the 2020 presidential election. While Joe Biden ultimately won the state, many say there’s evidence of wrongdoing in terms of vote counting.
Democrats call this nothing more than conspiracy theory, and right now that matter is closed in the political sphere.
However, state Republicans still plan to fight against examples of voter fraud. For instance, “vote-buying” is a major cause for concern, and the GOP aims to defeat the practice before it begins…Read the Rest