The Big Rig: Fraud Case Moves Forward in GA

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A whistleblower’s claims of massive and systemic ballot fraud in Georgia will soon see the light of day.
(Patriot Post) In the wake of last week’s laughably long overdue admission by The New York Times that Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop was indeed authentic, we thought it worth updating another story of the Times’s malfeasance — namely, its immediate and reflexive dismissal of any and all 2020 election fraud claims as false, and later, as lies.
The “lies” dismissal was itself a lie, coming as it did just a week after the election and before all the votes had even been counted. And yet there was the Times’s front-page headline: “Election Officials Nationwide Find No Fraud.”
Really? Not a single instance of fraud among 155 million votes cast? Aside from that obvious lie, how could the Times have conducted such an exhaustive study so quickly and conclusively? Answer: It couldn’t have…
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