The Big Rig – Penn Dem Gets 30 Months Election Fraud

(Yep! Most secure election ever! – DD)
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Democrat Gets 30 Months in Prison For Election Fraud and Ballot Box Stuffing!

(WLT News) A former Philadelphia congressman who was a part of the Abscam scandal over 40 years ago is on his way back to prison.
Michael J. “Ozzie” Myers is a former democrat U.S. representative who became infamous for his role in the 1970s scandal when he was convicted of bribery and conspiracy after he took money from undercover FBI agents.
Myers was expelled from Congress in 1980 and spent a year in prison.
Apparently the now 79-year-old didn’t learn any lessons back then, because he’s just been sent back to prison for stuffing ballots for democrats.
A judge gave Myers a 30-month sentence for federal election fraud.
Myers admitted to padding vote tallies for many of his political consulting clients in Philadelphia between 2014 and 2018…Read the rest