The Big Rig: Police Raid Blows Lid Off Extensive 2020 Michigan Voter Fraud

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(National Pulse) – Newly revealed police reports have exposed evidence of extensive voter fraud in Michigan – and perhaps other swing states as well – perpetrated by an organization tied to Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Michigan law enforcement launched an investigative task force after a Muskegon city clerk observed a woman, about a month before the 2020 general election, drop off upwards of 10,000 suspected fraudulent voter registrations. The registrations appeared to all have the same handwriting, with some also having non-existent addresses listed for the supposed voter.

Over the course of their investigation, Michigan law enforcement raided the offices of GBI Strategies – an organization found to be the employer of the woman who had originally produced the completed voter registrations to the clerk. The raid revealed a stockpile of semiautomatic weapons, pre-paid cash cards, burner phones, and additional voter registration forms. Despite the raid, no arrests were made and the investigation was turned over to the FBI where it appears to have been buried without further…

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