The Big Rig: Text confirms Hillary’s ‘plot’ to steal the election

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Text confirms Hillary’s ‘plot’ to steal the election

(Right Edition) In a court filing late Monday night, the special counsel investigating the origins of the Obama administration’s investigation into the now-debunked charge of Trump-Russia collusion clearly stated where all the evidence he has gathered leads: Hillary Clinton, her operatives, and her campaign formed a “joint venture or conspiracy” to undermine Donald Trump and bolster her chances of fulfilling her lifelong ambition of becoming president of the United States.
New evidence was included in U.S. Attorney John Durham’s filing to support his operating assumption. Just the News obtained a text message in which Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann falsely claimed to the FBI that he was not working on behalf of any client when he delivered to the bureau the false claim that Donald Trump had a secret communication channel with the Kremlin at the Moscow-based Alfa Bank to rig the election…

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