The Dem’s Voting Rights Scam

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(AMAC) Democrats and their media allies are sounding the alarm that the Supreme Court is “dismantling” the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Washington Post warns that this term, the court will likely strip Black voters of their right to elect someone “who represent(s) them.”
Don’t believe it. Truth is, the Democratic Party has converted the Voting Rights Act into a scam.
Twenty-two congressional districts in the United States are engineered to guarantee that Black voters are in the majority.
These rigged districts elect Democrats every time, without fail, though not always a Black Democrat. (Democrat Rashida Tlaib was elected from Michigan’s Black-majority 5th Congressional District.)
Not one of these racially gerrymandered districts elects a Republican. Ever.
Twenty-two rigged districts — that’s nearly three times the size of the Democrats’ majority in the House.
This racial gerrymandering is being done in compliance with the Voting Rights Act…Read the rest