The Left Pushing Takeover of Voting Systems Across America

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SNEAD: The Left Is Pushing To Reshape Voting Systems Across America — Here’s How

(Daily Caller) The left’s latest ploy to remake elections is a complicated scheme called “ranked-choice voting” (RCV).
Advocates claim it strengthens “majority rule” and leads to a healthier democracy, and they’ve pushed dozens of municipalities and two states to use it. (RELATED: The Left Has Launched A Surprise Attack Targeting Voting Rules In One Battleground State)
Nevada is their latest target. Voters there will decide on election day if they want to join in this nationwide experiment. If experience is any judge, they’d be wise to sit this one out.
If the measure known as Question 3 eventually passes (it would have to pass again in 2024), Nevada’s traditional election system will be upended. Party primaries will be replaced with a California-style “jungle primary.”
The five candidates who get the most votes will advance to the general and ranked-choice voting would be used to determine the final winner. That sounds simple, but RCV is far more complex…Read the rest