They’re not RINOs. They’re Government Supremacists

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(Conservative Patriots) In their aim of making more Americans reliant on the federal government and subject to government control, Democrats and their RINO backers have militarized the Internal Revenue Service in order to destroy the foundation of free business (IRS).
“Defend the criminal, punish the taxpayer. They’re not just coming for Trump. They’re coming for you, coming for me,” Brian Kilmeade said on Fox News recently, adding, “we now know IRS agents have a license to kill”
Consequently, the American populace is increasingly anxious about the government’s plans for the IRS.
In the past month, the American people have been shown evidence that the uni party, which represents this massively centralized government, has created an armed and weaponized tax collection service that has grown in size and power beyond the wildest dreams of former President Barack Obama and his assistant Lois Lerner.
Recently, US House member Andy Biggs reported on what transpired during IRS Director Lois Lerner’s tenure…Read the rest