When was Joe ever IN Control?

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Report: Joe Biden Losing Control Of The White House

(Trending Politics) Democrats are so convinced of their insane ideology and therefore so befuddled when the real world doesn’t respond positively to it that it is tearing the White House apart. Amid an onslaught of one horrendous policy decision after another, Politico is now reporting that “[m]orale inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is plummeting.”
According to a new release from the left-leaning outlet, which can no longer pretend these issues don’t exist, things are so bad in the White House that there are “growing fears that the parallels to Jimmy Carter, another first-term Democrat plagued by soaring prices and a foreign policy morass, will stick.”
What’s more, Biden has to swallow the biggest pill out there for an egomaniacal dictator: The American people hate him more than Trump. Politico further writes…Read the rest at Trending Politics