Why Government Supremacist Dems Love Immigrants

(The Great Replacement continues unhindered – DD)
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90% of State Legislators Born Outside of the US are Democrats

(Big League Politics) A story by Axios highlighted how of the nearly 300 foreign-born state legislators holding office across the United States, roughly 90% are Democrats.
Axios drew this story from a report the New American Leaders group conducted which showed that the bulk of newly elected foreign-born state legislators belong to the Democratic Party. More importantly, they represent Democrat districts.
Per the Axios report, foreign-born voters “are among the fastest-growing portions of the electorate” as the nation’s “demographics change. …”
John Binder of Breitbart News noted that this analysis was released at a time when America’s foreign-born population reached a record-level 47 million under the Biden regime. Binder added that “In swing states, newly registered foreign-born voters often outpace electoral margins, suggesting their significance in swaying state and federal elections.”
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