Woke Threats in Baton Rouge: ‘When we put your f—ing a– in the ground.’

(Woke is the new ‘religion of peace’ – DD)

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Put You ‘IN THE GROUND’: Grad Student Threatens State Senator Over Vote to Protect Kids From Trans Drugs

(Daily Signal) – A Louisiana state senator says he is undeterred despite receiving a death threat after he voted to override a governor’s veto on a bill protecting children from experimental “transgender” medical interventions.

“No type of threat would ever stop me from trying to save children and keep them from being mutilated or from facing any other harm,” state Sen. Michael “Big Mike” Fesi, a Republican representing southern Louisiana, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview Tuesday.

Fesi voted to override Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ June veto of House Bill 648, the Stop Harming Our Kids Act. The state House voted 76-23 on July 18 to override the veto, and the Senate voted 28-11 to override the veto the following day.

After the vote, Fesi received a voicemail message expressing joy at the prospect of putting him “in the ground.”

“I can’t wait to read your name in the f—ing obituary,” a man, whom police later identified as Louisiana State University graduate student Marcus Venable, said in the message. “I will make a g–d–n martini made from the tears of butthurt conservatives when we put your f—ing a– in the ground.”

In the audio, which political commentator Greg Price posted to Twitter, Venable claimed that…

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