Brave GA Mom Fights Oppressive, Woke School Board

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Brave Mother Fighting Oppressive, Woke School Board

(Trending Politics) At a local school board conference, Alison Hair was abruptly cut short from reading a passage from a leftist sexually graphic book she discovered in her child’s school library.
At the Feb. 15 meeting, Forsyth County Schools Board of Education Chairman Wesley McCall said, “We have other people that are younger in this, and I think we understand your point.”
Hair replied before being told her time was up, “My son’s a minor, and this book that you all have copies of is in my son’s middle school.”
On March 15, she was again interrupted while starting to read, and on March 17, she received a letter from McCall informing her that she was no longer welcome at future sessions. Staff members are also now prohibited from making offensive or disparaging remarks or personal abuse that violates board policy…Read the rest