Colleges Choose Diversity Over Merit, Get Neither

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Colleges Chose Diversity Over Merit. Now, They’re Getting Neither

(Daily Caller) Eliminating the use of standardized college admission tests to judge college applicants in order to increase diversity on campus is not working, according to an October report.
Colleges that eliminated mandatory testing for applications, going “test-optional,” are struggling to fairly assess students because they lack standards to judge the applicants, according to a report by Vanderbilt University Assistant Professor Kelly Slay. While test-optional admissions have increased applicants, a lack of academic standards has created a “chaotic” and “stressful” process leading to bias that was intended to be ignored. (RELATED: ‘Alarming’: High School Grads Earn Lowest College Prep Exam Scores In 30 Years)
“One of the things we concluded is that test optional does not mean an increase in diversity – racial diversity or socio-economic diversity,” the report stated…Read the rest