DoD Chief Diversity Educator Defends Racist Tweets Targeted Toward White Educators

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(Daily Caller) Department of Defense (DoD) Education Activity Diversity Chief of Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) responded to Congressional backlash for tweeting about being “exhausted” by white educators.

In an interview with Military Times Senior Reporter Karen Jowers, the DoD DEI primary education administrator, Kelisa Wing, defended now-deleted tweets from 2020 Fox News re-surfaced in September of 2022 that took aim at “white folx” that have the “CAUdaacity” to claim “black people can be racist too.” Ever since, House Republicans have continued to accuse the Biden-appointee of racism; demanding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin answer whether or not the DoD knew about the tweets before Wing was hired.

For background, the interview included an excerpt of one of Wing’s tweets subject to the most

‘Everybody Can Be Racist:’ DoD Chief Diversity Educator Defends Tweets Targeted Toward White Educators | The Daily Caller