‘Evil salesman’ selling CRT in schools even though it’s banned. And They’re Buying!

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‘Evil salesman’ installing CRT in schools even though it’s banned

(WND) Project Veritas, the reporting organization that does undercover investigations and reveals the results, has caught on camera a self-described “evil salesman” whose strategy is to violate Georgia state law by secretly indoctrinating children with “Critical Race Theory.

“That’s the ideology that contends all of America is racist, and to get rid of that racism, more racism is required.

Project Veritas has now released a video of Quintin Bostic, of The Teaching Lab, who confirmed, “I would say I’m a good salesman, but I’m also an evil salesman.”

He said teaching CRT is banned in schools in Georgia, but “If you don’t say the words ‘Critical Race Theory,’ you can technically teach it.”

He said he’s sold his curriculum already to several districts in the state, and the CRT lessons are hidden under the concept of DEI, or diversity, equity and inclusion.

“They [Georgia state government] have no clue [what is in my curriculum] and I’m like, ‘This is great! This is good!'” he told Project Veritas.

He said the…

‘Evil salesman’ installing CRT in schools even though it’s banned