Now Teaching the Dangers of Communism Is ‘Politicizing Education’

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(TownHall.COM) NBC News host Chuck Todd claimed on Sunday that Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is “politicizing” schools after he approved curriculum to teach children about the evils of communism.

Todd made the remarks on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” while discussing DeSantis’ recent trip to Las Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, DeSantis spoke to attendees about how Nevada can take pointers from Florida when it comes to pushing back against the Democratic Party’s agenda. Nevada recently elected Republican Joe Lombardo in the midterms.

“We’re also the first state in the country to establish every November 10th, the day in our schools is earmarked, to teach our students at all grade levels about the evils of Communist regimes throughout history. We’re going to tell the truth about Marxism and Leninism…

NBC Host Claims DeSantis Is ‘Politicizing’ Education By Doing Something That Used to be Common