Parent Revolution’ Sweeping the Country as Election Day Nears

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(Epoch Times) With the days, hours, and minutes winding down to Election Day on Nov. 8, voters around the country are paying attention to school board elections like never before, parent activists say. Previously, there was a “disconnect between the citizens and the school board,” Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, told The Epoch Times. But no more, she said. But parents suddenly seem to be realizing that being a member of a school board “is an important political position,” she said. “We want to have an impact on who gets to make those types of decisions for our kids.” “They vote on the budget, and the budget helps them to prioritize how they’re going to know what’s important,” Justice said. “I think Americans woke up to the fact that their school board members were in charge of making all kinds of decisions, and they didn’t even know who their school board members were.”…
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