Parents Fight Back in NC

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I Couldn’t Just Sit on the Sidelines Anymore’: North Carolina Parents Run for Local School Boards

(Matt MacGregor, Epoch Times) NORTH CAROLINA—Like many parents who chose to run for their district school boards this year, Crissy Pratt had never been involved in local politics.
That changed during the COVID-19 lockdowns when Pratt began watching the live-streamed Guilford County Board of Education meetings in North Carolina to keep up with the ever-changing COVID restrictions.
What she saw left her furious.
“By the end of most meetings I was screaming at the television,” Pratt told The Epoch Times. “None of the board members were talking about what was best for kids, or how to better educate them and improve their test scores.”
Pratt, with 10 years of experience in teaching…Read the rest at the Epoch Times