Parents Religious, Political Beliefs are none of the Schools’ Buisness

(Since when do teachers as agents of the state get to spy on the parent’s who employ them? Do you get to send your boss a survey filled with personal information questions? Even worse do you get to send that survey to your boss’s kids? – DD)
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Survey Says? No! Alabama Middle School Busted for Inappropriate Questions on School Survey.

(Trending Politics) One would think in light of todays political climate, that teachers and schools would be more cognizant of what is being fed to their students in terms of lesson plans, opinions, and content. Sadly, despite example after example of inappropriate content whether it be political or sexual in nature, inappropriate material still gets out there. Whether that is the fault of ultra liberal teachers attempting to indoctrinate children with their radical views, or schools not vetting classroom materials, it’s clear that many schools are failing our children. In Alabama, one middle school civics class asked some extremely inappropriate questions on a class survey.

“Children attending a civics course at Challenger Middle School were asked to complete a 48-question survey that allegedly asked children if they identified as cisgender, transgender, or nonbinary. According to parents, it also asked if they would be willing to participate in “extreme body modification.”…

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