The faculty DEI statement is ‘The New Loyalty Oath’

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(Shelby Kearns, Campus Reform) A new report from the Goldwater Institute reveals just how entrenched diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) requirements are at Arizona’s public universities.

 “The New Loyalty Oaths: How Arizona’s Public Universities Compel Job Applicants to Endorse Progressive Politics” analyzed required DEI statements in faculty hiring at the University of Arizona (UArizona), Northern Arizona University (NAU), and Arizona State University (ASU). 

“Regardless of whether it is sold as ‘racial justice,’ ‘anti-racism,’ or ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ any ideological framework that seeks to divide individuals by race, treat them differently based upon the color of their skin, and reject foundational American principles like ‘equality before the law’ is simply corrosive to a healthy republic and its institutions,” a spokesperson for the Goldwater Institute told…

Campus Reform | REPORT: The faculty DEI statement is ‘The New Loyalty Oath’