Union Leaders and Education Bureaucrats Have Long Ignored Parents. Now Parents Have Had Enough.

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(Keri D Ingraham, RealClearWire) Since the nationwide school closures in the spring of 2020, parents have become painfully aware that public schools have conflicting interests with their own and are failing to effectively educate their children. Consequently, parents are looking for educational alternatives for their children—and the K-12 education market is changing.

Parents of public school students have put up with prolonged school closures, poor remote instruction, reduced instruction hours, mask mandates, vaccine mandates (in some cases), and even being restricted from their child’s school campus beyond the parking lot or school office in the name of “safety.”

Combine all this with the schools’ active promotion of critical race theory, gender ideology, climate hysteria, and an anti-American worldview, and it’s no wonder that more and more families want out.

Dissatisfaction with public schools has snowballed, as teachers’ unions and educational establishment leaders, in conjunction with left-wing politicians, have failed to…

Union Leaders and Education Bureaucrats Have Long Ignored Parents’ Concerns. Now Parents Have Had Enough. | RealClearWire