Why 65 Percent of Fourth Graders Can’t Really Read

(If Little Johnny could read, he might accidentally think. Can’t have that in post-modern Amerika – DD)

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(PJ Media) On Saturday, I wrote about the 230,000 children who failed to show up for class when public schools reopened after the pandemic. It’s a tragedy without parallel in American history as many of the no-shows are very young — K through 3rd grade. Critical skills learned in early education were not taught to these kids, who are now hopelessly behind.

The pandemic didn’t necessarily cause the problem. It exposed problems that already existed and were exacerbated because of incompetence and, as it turns out, wrongheaded teaching.

Consider the fact that 65% of American fourth-grade students can barely read. This is a result of a radical shift to a new way of teaching children how to read.

What was wrong with the old way? Well, it was old…

Why 65 Percent of Fourth Graders Can’t Really Read – PJ Media