Woke Education is No Education

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No Grades, No Discipline, No Structure, No Learning

(Bacon’s Rebellion) Albemarle High School opened the 2021-22 school year in a state of chaos after a year of COVID closings, and it never recovered, according to The Crozet Gazette.
To ease students back into the rigors of a regular school day, the school stopped imposing penalties on students for skipping or being late to class. With no mandatory attendance, kids took to drifting around the school. Bathrooms became lawless zones for drugs, sex, violence, and the filing of TikTok videos. Rules against the use of cell phones during class were not properly enforced. Brawls became routine. One teacher trying to break up a fight wound up with 14 stitches in his hand; a female teacher was knocked unconscious. Students addressed teachers with rudeness and profanity. And new, lax grading policies, mandated by the school division, resulted in many students doing no homework.
“Last year there were school shooting threats, violence, smoking, vaping, truancy, trespassing, and drug use, and the list continues,” student…Read the rest