biden Admin Cites ‘Community Tensions’ As Mandate To ‘Mediate’ School District’s Adoption Of Youngkin’s Trans Policies

(Mediate? Hmm. Sounds like the federal bureau of intimidation is gonna follow up on all those domestic terrorism memos on parents in Virginia school districts. Stay alert and squeaky clean out there – DD)

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DOJ steps into deep-red Virginia school district after two pro-trans activists arrested at school board meeting

(Daily Wire) – The Biden administration’s Department of Justice is moving to insert itself in the Virginia fight over Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin’s proposed transgender policies, writing to local school board members to offer the federal government’s “services in conflict resolution” ahead of the vote over whether or not to adopt the proposal.

In emails to local school board members obtained by The Daily Wire, the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service (CRS) said it was “aware of ongoing community tensions in Roanoke following the release of the new model policies for transgender students.” A government “conciliation specialist” told the board members the agency specialized in “preventing and responding to community tensions and hate crimes” and wanted to “offer support and services as you work to manage conflict within the community” related to the transgender policies.

The emails came just days after two activists were arrested at the Roanoke County, Virginia school board meeting where the proposals were being presented. There were no documented “hate crimes” in Roanoke — the two individuals arrested were reportedly detained for repeatedly yelling…

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