CAVERS! Two Red States Each Fail To Pass Pro-Life Protections By One Vote

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(The Daily Wire) Proposed abortion bans in two solid red states each failed by one vote this week, after being torpedoed by several Republicans who refused to vote for the pro-life measures.

In Nebraska, a six-week abortion ban could not reach the 33 votes it needed to get past a filibuster after a 32-15 vote in the state Senate and one Republican abstained from voting. In South Carolina, three Republican women led a filibuster against a bill called the “Human Life Protection Act,” leading the vote to fail 22-21.

In the Cornhusker State, Sen. Merv Riepe, who had attempted to change the bill to a 12-week ban, abstained from voting on the six-week ban, earning the condemnation of Republican Governor Jim Pillen.

“I am profoundly disappointed in the cloture vote today,” Pillen said. “It is unacceptable for senators to be present not voting on such a momentous vote. I call on Senator Merv Riepe to make a motion to reconsider and stand by the commitments to life he has made in the past.”

“We must embrace the future of reproductive rights,” Reipe claimed, saying that the six-week ban is too…

‘Unacceptable’: Two Red States Each Fail To Pass Pro-Life Protections By One Vote | The Daily Wire