Christian Nationalists, the “New” Bogeymen

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The Fake ‘Christian Nationalism’ Label and Attempted Social Restraint
Wake up, oh sleepers! Put on the armor of Christ and take a stand against the devil’s schemes.

(Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post) President John Adams once wrote: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” He was declaring what all the Founding Fathers felt: Biblical values should be our guide stones. However, since the end of World War II, the secular has been viciously pushing out the sacred. God-hating leftists have coined a new label meant to drive a wedge between believers and further silence the faithful as our culture sinks into depravity. They call us “Christian Nationalists” — at least those of us brave enough to bring our faith to the marketplace of ideas in the political sphere.
As writer John Zmirak remarks: “Christian Nationalism. What does it mean? Nobody knows, and that’s part of the point. If the term were precisely defined, we could talk about it rationally, and decide whether it represents something that’s good, neutral, or evil. Or maybe not even evil, but outmoded, unwise, ill-conceived, or otherwise imprudent for this moment in history. … Whichever Ivy League wordsmith came up with ‘Christian Nationalism,’ he knew what he was doing. What’s the ugliest, most justly unpopular ideology in America? White Nationalism.”
The smear of racism has been a valuable weapon in the Left’s arsenal. It is its favorite go-to accusation, so much so that the Right is intrinsically linked to the charge. Conversely, the “racist” charge has lost a lot of its sting because leftists use it to describe anyone they don’t like. For the regular American, though, it still holds the power to silence.
If you are a conservative Christian, you are lumped… Read the rest