Details of the Amish Farmer Story Prove the FDA and USDA Should Be Dissolved Completely

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(America First Report) – The story about the Amish farmer who had his cattle seized by the authoritarian Biden-Harris regime has been circulating through its various stages for weeks. Like many people, I heard the basic details and was infuriated by it all. But a deeper dive into it by James Corbett really opened my eyes.

This isn’t just a taste of food tyranny. This should be the lead story for evidence that the FDA, USDA, and all federal government agencies involved in food tyranny must be dissolved completely. They’re not here to protect us. They’re only here to protect the globalist agenda.

Here’s a report from Twitter user Inversionism:

“The USDA and FDA should be considered terrorist organizations for what they do continually to small farmers and businesses.

Similar to the Rawesome raid, these farmers were doing what’s called a cow share, where people in the community all pay up front and invest in a cow for milk or meat. This has been done by numerous farms all across the country as a means to avoid using meat processors and big business to just to get clean, properly raised, healthy food, without all the extra fees and government bullshit attached. It’s the perfect business model that supports local farmers and…

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