Don’t use these 50 Woke Corps offering abortion benefits

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After Roe Overturned, These 56 Companies Announce Abortion Benefits

Get Woke, Go Broke! – CPW

(Daily Signal) In the 72 hours since the Supreme Court’s bombshell ruling, the Democrats’ hysteria has sucked up most of the oxygen in the room—and that’s just fine with corporate America. While some CEOs have taken their battle stations on the sinking ship of Roe v. Wade, the bigger story might be how many haven’t.
It’s been an unusually quiet weekend for several of the country’s major brands, who’ve had almost two full months to consider their response. Is it cold feet from Disney’s cautionary tale—or could abortion be the new neutral ground?
The New York Times was just one of the outlets scratching its head…Read the rest at the Daily Signal