Election season: A most dangerous time of spiritual warfare

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(Chritian Post) The time for elections is here — a most dangerous season.
It is a period when, considering the issues, the battles are much more than merely political: it is a time of spiritual warfare.
Meanwhile, secular establishments shout to churches: “Stay away!”
There is a level at which this warning is appropriate. In these columns on politics and the church I try to distinguish between The institutional Churchseeking to become a powerful political bloc, or, worse, even a political party, and individual churches living in and ministering to their localities.
The Church organized as a political force takes us back to the worst of the Medieval period when the powerful monolithic institution became the kingmaker and fell into corruptions of doctrine, behavior and ministry.
While that type of political engagement needs to be resisted, the involvement of local congregations based in and ministering to their localities should be encouraged.
In short, The Church…
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