‘Ethnic Studies’ Is CRT Peddlers’ Sneaky New Way To Stoke Racial Division In Schools

A key to the successful campaign for ethnic studies was the deception that it offers a unifying cultural learning experience, while in fact it stokes interracial hostility and delegitimizes authority.

(The Federalist) – Controversy over critical race theory (CRT) in America’s public schools has been a flashpoint in our nation’s culture wars since at least 2020. In Virginia, parents’ outcry against it determined the 2022 governor’s race, and red states such as Florida and Texas are doing their best to restrict it. In this charged climate, blue states are stealthily adopting a dangerous new disguise for CRT — “ethnic studies” — which incorporates all that worries Americans about CRT’s ideology, and plenty more, in a deceptively appealing package. To see what’s coming, look at Minnesota, where this spring lawmakers enacted what are likely the most radical education measures in the nation. This is ethnic studies in its “liberated” form, which not only teaches race-based identities and “white privilege,” but incites students to take action to “disrupt and dismantle” America’s fundamental social and political institutions.Minnesota’s new K-12 social studies standards — now in the final stages of rulemaking approval — exemplify this ideology. The standards add ethnic studies to the core social studies disciplines of history, civics, economics, and geography, and incorporate its concepts throughout. One ethnic studies “anchor standard,” titled “Resistance,” is typical. It requires students to “organize with others to resis

‘Ethnic Studies’ Is A Sneaky New Way To Stoke Racial Division