Former FBI Agent Calls for More Domestic Terror Laws Against… PARENTS!

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(PJ Media) The news had barely broken that the Southern Poverty Law Center has added such radical, violent extremist groups like Moms for Liberty to its ever-growing list of hate groups when an ex-FBI agent made an appearance on MSNBC to add fuel to the progressive fire. The Daily Caller News Foundation has the video of the interview between MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and former agent Frank Figliuzzi.

I don’t know if Figliuzzi’s retirement is somehow in jeopardy or if he has a book coming out. Perhaps he was asked by someone at the DOJ to add his two cents. Or it may be that he is your standard-issue left-wing narcissist who could not resist the siren song of virtue signaling. You would think that at this stage in life, Figliuzzi has a house, a boat, or a set of golf clubs or something. I know many retirees enjoy classic cars. Theoretically, this should be the time for him to kick back and enjoy that sweet, taxpayer-funded pension. I don’t know what Figliuzzi’s motivation is, but I suspect this may not have entirely been his idea. Whether it was his idea or not, the words were his. And he made it clear that more federal laws were needed to combat the people who don’t want their children sexualized, radicalized, or guilt-ridden.

According to the Daily Signal, SPLC’s additions include:

230 chapters of Moms for Liberty, No Left Turn in Education (based in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania), 12 chapters of Parental Rights in Education, and many state-based chapters of Parents Involved in Education.

Also making the list of SPLC’s antigovernment extremist groups are…

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