Godless Goons and Cowardly Christians in America

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(Red State) – America is on life support right now because the lifeblood of our nation, God, is infected with anti-Christ antigens. Toxic political thought (think Marxism), bacteria-like behavior (think BLM and Klantifa), and virulent politicians (think Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the estrogen brigade) are all driven by an extreme detestation towards God Almighty. When you consider some of the sacred sayings entwined within American society, like “In God, We Trust,” “So Help Me God,” and “God Bless America,” I am thoroughly disgusted with how many septic citizens and feckless foreigners exhibit such disdain towards the foundation of our Republic, the providence of God. As Christians, we can no longer take a cowardly stance while these Godless goons continue to infiltrate our country with the intent to mock our faith and assassinate our values and morals.

Think of the Godless goons currently protesting at some of America’s institutions of higher learning to show their support for the hell-bound Hamas-led Palestinian terrorists who recently slaughtered innocent Jews in Israel. Most of them are the same toxic culprits who have repeatedly threatened and agitated conservative students and guest speakers, claiming they are racists, fascists, and other baseless tropes while advocating that their safety is being threatened by speech, of all things. Think of how staunch conservatives like Candace Owens, Riley Gaines, Charlie Kirk, and Dinesh D’Souza are put in harm’s way just because they have differing views and can destroy the tired…

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