How Long Until the Left Outlaws Being a Christian in America?

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(PJ Media) If that headlined question above seems a bit of a reach, especially in view of the multiple federal court victories won in the last two years on behalf of religious freedom, then let’s take a closer look.
What we find is a hyper-secularized American public square that is increasingly abusing, penalizing, punishing, and firing Christians. It then tells them, in effect, “So, sue us,” knowing the cost of such litigation all but guarantees there will be no adverse consequences. Consider these current cases:
Georgia Substitute Teacher Fired: Lindsey Barr, now a former substitute teacher in the Savannah, Ga., public schools, lost her job when she expressed concerns about a book shown to elementary students, including her own. As a Christian, Barr objected to kids being shown pictures of same-sex couples parenting children as if that’s normal.
Barr is represented by attorneys from…Read the rest