How The ‘Brutal Minds’ Staffing Our Universities Brainwash Students

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(The Federalist) – “Wherever brutal minds get the upper hand, they destroy, they dumb down, they homogenize, and, if necessary, they stamp the face of opposition with the jackboot of outright repression.”

That’s how Stanley K. Ridgley opens his new book, Brutal Minds: The Dark World of Left-Wing Brainwashing in Our Universities, exposing readers to the dark undercurrent of violence and repression in American higher education. Many of us who have gone through the once-vaunted academic halls of America’s universities feel something is off — badly off. Finally, Ridgley, a professor at Drexel University, gives an in-depth explanation of how we fell into this putrid rot that has corrupted so much of academia and the next generation of Americans.

Leftism in Student Affairs

Being a professor, Ridgley makes clear that not all universities or university professors are engaged in tearing down students and brainwashing them into a parasitic ideology of self-destruction that leads to civilizational destruction. “Most faculty,” he writes, “do not engage in the brainwash.” Although “a significant minority does,” the real barbarians running amok, ruining students, and destroying universities are the administrators, counsellors, and workshop leaders “ensconced in a bureaucracy called student affairs.” This is very much what I recall from my education, both at the undergraduate and graduate school level, from a small liberal arts university in Ohio to the halls and walls of Yale.

Most academic faculty have left-leaning sensibilities, and it is easy to detect their biases in their language and rhetoric. But it is often the world outside the classroom that enforces the new “world of intimidation…

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