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(The Burning Platform) – “Axis of Evil” seems to be interchangeable, based upon who the Deep State needs to be the enemy at any given time. Bush junior first coined the phrase in his January 29, 2002 State of the Union speech when describing Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Of course, we know his Deep State handlers then falsified claims of 9/11 involvement and WMDs, to take out Sadaam and steal his oil. The barely cogent doddering old fool senator McConnell this week declared Russia, China and Iran as the new “Axis of Evil”. You notice Iran is still in the club, but they now consider two nuclear armed superpowers to be evil and enemies. Kim Jong Un must be so disappointed at being kicked out of the club.

I always thought the quote above, attributed to Orwell, was really from Ron Paul. Either way, we are most certainly living in an empire of lies, where the war on truth is relentless and never ending. As the quote from Bernays reveals, the war on truth has been consciously waged for at least a century, and probably for centuries, as the invisible government of men behind the curtain manipulate the minds of the masses with propaganda, lies, disinformation, and misinformation, in order to control and profit from the false narratives they spin. The UN, WHO, and WEF truly are the real “Axis of Evil” in our world today.

They are the front organizations for a globalist cabal of billionaires, bankers, and their armies of psychopathic bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, media mouthpieces, satanic pedophiles, and blood thirsty generals intent on blowing up the world. All three diabolical organizations are focused on implementing their overlords’ Great Reset agenda of depopulation, central bank digital currencies, social credit scores for the plebs, 15 minute city gulags, living in 300 square foot pods, forced transition to an…

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