Is Religious Liberty in Danger in the U.S.? Why Americans Must Remain ‘Vigilant’

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(FaithWire) – Resounding religious liberty victories recently unfolded at the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet such freedoms are in peril in various nations across the globe, with confusion clouding free speech and exercise rights.

From a U.K. Army vet charged after refusing to pay a fine for silently praying outside an abortion clinic to a Finnish politician on trial for tweeting a Bible verse about sexuality, there’s no shortage of concerning and eyebrow-raising legal battles raging.

Regardless of First Amendment wins here in the U.S., the battle for freedom is nowhere near over. Jeremy Dys, senior counsel for First Liberty, a conservative law firm, offered a candid assessment when asked if Americans risk seeing the same sorts of cases develop in the states.

“I really hope that that risk is low, but I can’t say that it is zero, because there’s always forces that want to restrict our religious liberty for reasons I don’t quite understand,” Dys said. “In fact, that’s the very reason why the Founding Fathers put the First Amendment in place to begin with.”

The attorney said the Founders knew some governments had a history of restraining people’s religious liberty — and wanted to…

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