Just Plain Sick! Vandy’s Child Mutilation Clinic in Damage Control Mode

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The Trouble With Vanderbilt’s Pediatric Gender Clinic
Matt Walsh exposed it for exploiting and abusing kids, and now VUMC is in cleanup mode.

(Emmy Griffin, Patriot Post) The whole shtick of gender-affirming care is one big exploitation scheme by healthcare providers. This has never been more obvious than now. Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh is an activist who exposes this grift, and he has done it again. After his groundbreaking documentary “What Is a Woman?” he and his team conducted a sting operation on Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), which has a pediatric “transgender” clinic. It’s as bad as it sounds.
In a social media thread, Walsh systematically exposed the origins of this clinic. In 2018, VUMC decided to start the clinic because it could “make a lot of money.” According to one doctor caught on video, bottom surgeries for women and girls kept a similar clinic financially flush with cash. In yet another video, a doctor made threats against other doctors who had moral or religious problems with the clinic. Most insidious of all, VUMC “trans buddies” are in the rooms making sure that doctors are only providing gender-affirming care to potential patients.
When this was exposed and people went to look into it for themselves, the Vanderbilt clinic’s web page suddenly returned a 404 error code. The page could not be found…Read the rest