Leftist Rag Makes Sickening Claim That ‘MAGA & Christian Nationalism Is Bigger Threat Than Hamas’

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(Flag & Cross) – The extreme left-wing website Salon quickly jumped into gear to discount the Hamas terror attack on Israel last month and instead outrageously claimed that MAGA voters, Christians and the mythical “white nationalism” are a bigger threat to the U.S. than Islamic terror.

In two pieces, one published only days after the Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel, screedist Brian Karem wrote that the GOP is a terrorist group and that “far-right MAGA theocrats” are far more of a threat to America than Islamic terrorists.

You know, despite that whole fact that Islamist terrorists have killed more than 3,000 Americans since 2001, most in the attacks on September 11. And no “MAGA” voters or Christian groups have perpetrated any terror attacks on the homeland.

In that absurd attack on Americans, Karem went on a tear, saying Republicans want a “theocracy,” that they “despise free…

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