Make Being a ‘Joyful Warrior’ a Personal Calling

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(NOQ Report) Perhaps the most difficult thing in life is finding genuine contentment.  We set goals for ourselves, we strive to reach them, and when we do, any momentary happiness goes poof awfully quickly, as we seek and set new goals once again.  At some point, even the most driven and ambitious among us will wonder, “What am I doing, and why am I doing it?”

That is a good thing.  I don’t have much figured out about this life, but I do believe we are meant to constantly ask ourselves the big questions: Why am I here?  What is the point of our existence?  Are there lessons I am supposed to learn along the way?  What comes next?

The funny thing about asking big questions is that doing so tends to put all the things in life that ordinarily drag us down into startling perspective.  It is only natural to get upset about domestic politics, higher fuel and food prices, growing censorship, and encroaching State tyranny.  It is much more difficult to rise above those problems and keep trudging ahead.  Eventually, all the turmoil either gets the better of us, or we realize that the turmoil — no matter how large in scope — still pales in comparison to the meaning of life.  When you think in terms of why am I here and what am I meant to do, well, the terrible things around us start to look more like opportunities than problems.

That is also around the time when you realize that there is a distinction between happiness and joy. Whereas happiness brings a…

Make Being a ‘Joyful Warrior’ a Personal Calling