New Example for West Comes from the East

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‘Pride’ Event Canceled as Europeans March in Defense of Christian Values: ‘We Don’t Give Up Holy Places’

(Western Journal) These days, it is often considered tantamount to professing allegiance to Nazi ideology to openly oppose homosexuality as a matter of Christian conviction.
This vitriol towards basic Christian sexual ethics and cultural values has caused many a believer to cower apologetically or even downright support LGBT lifestyles to avoid being branded as “hateful.”
Even the most right-wing conservatives often pour their energy into defending their views and trying to make them more palatable to the secular left according to the left’s own values.
I’ve expended quite a lot of breath on this subject myself, but the truth is, it is far too easy to become overly concerned with the opinion of man while forgetting the exponentially more important fear of the Lord.
Truth be told, to conscience-bound Christians, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks of our loyalty to God — it only matters that we have loyalty to God, and boldly and shamelessly so…Read the rest